Chinese Noodle House



I discovered this place when I was doing my undergrad at UTS; it was literally around the corner from my faculty. At first, I was like “Hell No”. I refused to eat there for about 6 months  basically because of how it looked but every lunch hour, people would just line up for a table or take away. I knew there was something I was missing here. So a friend invited me one day and since then I was hooked!


Last night, I met up with  Tara and it’s just casual that are our meetings in the city involve Dumplings at Chinese Noodle House :- )

They have a variety of dumplings, I like the chicken & chive but people mainly recommend pork & chive so order that if you eat pork. The vegetarian dumplings are also great.

They are freshly hand-made everyday and can be served either boiled, steamed or pan fried. They usually come in 12 pieces or 16 if it’s just boiled. We like to order half steamed/ half pan fried which I would recommend.

But before you even start eating, there is one thing you must prepare – your sauce! They provide you with chilli, vinegar and soy on every table. Mix a good amount of the three, depending on how much chilli you want but be generous with your vinegar and then your ready to start feasting.

Vinegar, Chilli and Soy sauce

We just went for dumplings tonight but if you’re looking for a variety or in a group, I would recommend special braised Eggplant, salt- pepper squid, Chinese pancake and stir fried beef hand-made noodles.

Also, guess what else makes this place awesome? It’s so cheap!! It’s a great place for people travelling and students. We had 2 serves of 12 dumplings for $8.80 each, order 6 boiled dumplings takeaway and pay $4.50!!

*For those travelling, you will eventually go to paddy’s market to buy souvenirs, this place is just across from there : -)


Prince Centre

8 Quay street but the restaurant is on Thomas street side (other side of the building)

Haymarket NSW 2000

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