Thai Beef Salad


When the idea of cooking Thai comes to mind, the first thing you think is its either too hard or impossible to find the ingredients.. both are generally true and especially in other countries where South East Asian cuisines are not as big as they are in Australia.

Since I’m trying to burn some buns for the summer, I’ve changed my diet to more salads and less carbs but  I’m no good at making  salads! They always tend to be plain, boring and tasteless so I decided to be a little adventurous and try making Thai beef salad.



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Chinese Noodle House



I discovered this place when I was doing my undergrad at UTS; it was literally around the corner from my faculty. At first, I was like “Hell No”. I refused to eat there for about 6 months  basically because of how it looked but every lunch hour, people would just line up for a table or take away. I knew there was something I was missing here. So a friend invited me one day and since then I was hooked!


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